Disney Magic Music Days

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If your group was accepted into the Disney's Magic Music Days...Congratulations! If you would like to save on your tickets, accommodations or rental cars for Disney's Magic Music Days you have come to the right place. Here at FFYS we can offer you many discounts for your group.

Disney Magic Music Days

About Disney's Magic Music Days:
Schools from all over come together to perform at various Walt Disney World® Theme Parks. The performances will include instrumental, choral, dance and a candlelight processional and massed choir program (your choir can participate in the very popular candlelight processional with a celebrity guest narrating the Christmas Story). Besides performing a 20-25 minute performance participants of Disney's Magic Music Days will also receive…

  • - A Disney Guest Talent Coordinator who will work with your group and your performance
  • - Commemorative Disney Magic Music Days Gift
  • - A keepsake award recognizing your group's performance

  • 25 Reasons to Bring Your Group to Disney Magic Music Days (from Disney)
  • 1. It looks good on your students' résumés
  • 2. Your students get to experience travel with their friends
  • 3. Professional stages, audio, and lighting
  • 4. Your students get to be "Cast Members" for a day
  • 5. The experience will be magical and you will see it in their smiles
  • 6. Disney is known for Guest Service
  • 7. 4 Theme Parks, 2 Water parks, Amazing restaurants, and out of this world shopping
  • 8. You hear your group announced by a real Disney announcer
  • 9. You get to see "Backstage" at Disney
  • 10. Your students will thank you
  • 11. You get to show your students there are careers in the arts
  • 12. What you have spent all this time teaching is reinforced
  • 13. The overwhelming joy your students experience when they finish their performance
  • 14. A Disney performance is something to brag about back home
  • 15. You will bond as a group
  • 16. Exclusive Disney Magic Music Days Take-aways
  • 17. Being chosen to perform means you made the cut
  • 18. Everyone in the audience is having a great day
  • 19. You don't have to clean up the stage, put away chairs, etc.
  • 20. Parents will thank you
  • 21. Your students will know how much you care
  • 22. No bells between classes
  • 23. Temperate winter performances
  • 24. You get to be a kid again (when the students are not looking)
  • Four words… The American Idol Experience

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